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New Century Ophthalmology is committed to providing advanced care to patients with retinal diseases.  The Retina is a light-sensitive tissue that is found on the back wall of your eye.  If the retina is damaged, the sight will be blurry and you may experience flashes of light, dark spots, or even blindness.  A routine eye examination with our doctors at New Century Ophthalmology is an important step in finding out if you have a damaged retina.  We will provide you with the answers and treatments if you have a retinal disease or damage.

New Century Ophthalmology Offers Retinal Surgery in Oxford & Raleigh

Some medical conditions cause serious damage to the retina, the structure at the back of the eye that helps to transmit visual information to the brain. Injury or uncontrolled diabetes can lead to retinal detachment that can lead to loss of vision. Immediate retinal surgery is required to repair the problem and to restore vision. At New Century Ophthalmology, we offer the diagnosis and treatment of retinal detachment and other retinal disorders.


Causes of Retinal Detachment

A retinal detachment occurs when the retina develops a hole or tear that separates it from the underlying tissue. This can occur because of trauma to the eye, as a result of cataract surgery or because of damage to blood vessels in the eyes caused by diabetes. Some eye medications can also increase the risk for retinal detachment. Genetic factors and severe myopia can also increase the risk for detachment.

Symptoms of Retinal Detachment

Flashing lights and floating "spots” or "strings" in the eyes can be a symptom of impending retinal detachment. However, these same symptoms can be a symptom of a more benign condition of vitreous gel of the eyes that can often occur with aging. A visit to the ophthalmologist can determine if the problem is serious or not. However, if you experience a shadow or curtain that affects your vision, you should seek immediate diagnosis from an eye professional.

Why Immediate Retinal Surgery Is So Critical

If you have had an accident or medical condition that predisposes you to retinal detachment, you should see your eye doctor regularly to monitor the problem. If detachment occurs, it’s important to get care as quickly as possible to prevent further tearing that affects the macula, the central field of vision.

Your doctor will do a thorough examination of the retina and possibly ultrasound the area to detect bleeding. Surgery is the standard treatment for retinal detachment and can often help to save vision, although it not always entirely successful. Your doctor will answer any questions you have about the surgery and likely outcomes.

Choose New Century Ophthalmology for Retinal Surgery

Dr. Jindal and the team at New Century Ophthalmology use their extensive training to help their patients enjoy better vision and eye health. We also provide eye exams, contact lens fitting, eyeglass fitting and other optometry services. Contact New Century Ophthalmology today at one of their two city locations, (919) 861-4494 in Raleigh or (919) 693-6661 for an appointment to learn about how we can help with diagnosis, treatment and surgery for retinal conditions.

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