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Regarding your eye health, proper eye care is more than just picking out a new glasses frame. Eye conditions can be severe, so it's essential to get screened early by an ophthalmologist in Raleigh or Oxford, NC. While we're here for routine visits and exams, New Century Opthalmology is ready to provide eye surgery, eye surgery aftercare, and more.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

We provide comprehensive eye exams to ensure your health. Typically, we perform these exams annually or when patients present symptoms. Our ophthalmologist will use the latest technology to ensure comfort. A comprehensive eye exam is recommended for anyone who needs glasses or contacts.

Contact Lenses and Glasses

Do you require eyeglasses or contact lenses? If so, we can perform a fitting after your exam. Our ophthalmologist will help you determine the correct brand, size, and fit for your glasses and contacts. 

Diabetes and Eye Health

Did you know that both types of diabetes can affect the health and function of your eye? We can help monitor, diagnose, and treat diabetic retinopathy and other diabetic eye diseases.

Eye Surgery

If you have a significant eye problem requiring surgery or are interested in corrective surgical procedures, we're here to help. Our ophthalmologist will evaluate you and, if necessary, operate.

Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma describes nerve damage that can result from a specific disease or injury. We often catch glaucoma during a routine wellness exam. While this condition isn't curable, some treatments can help.

Dry Eye and Allergies

Eye dryness is uncomfortable, especially if you spend long periods in front of a screen. Did you know that dry or scratchy eyes can go hand in hand with allergies? It's true; the treatment could be as simple as prescription eye drops.

Eye Infections

If you have redness and swelling in your eyes, it's time to see our ophthalmologist in Raliegh or Oxford, NC, as soon as possible. The longer infected eyes go untreated, the greater the risk of permanent damage. Most eye infections are easy to clear once we can determine treatment.

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