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Macular degeneration and macular holes are disorders that affect the macula of the eyes, an area on the retina that contains light-sensitive cells needed to see images clearly. As the disease progresses, damage to these cells can lead to impairment of vision and vision loss. Treatment of macular degeneration and macular holes may include macular surgery to repair areas of damaged areas of cells. At New Century Ophthalmology in Raleigh, NC, and Oxford, NC, we offer macula surgery to help patients retain visual ability.


Causes of Macular Damage

We often see patients with macular holes, which are small breaks in the macula. Aging causes the vitreous fluid of the eye to shrink, which pulls it away from the retina.  In some people, this may lead to the development of a hole in the macula. As time passes, the hole can enlarge, causing an increase in the area of the central field that cannot detect images. Patients’ vision may have dark areas or blind spots in the central field of vision, even though peripheral vision may be intact. A hole in the macula can also develop due to injury to the eye or other types of eye disease.

Diagnosing Problems of the Macular

When a hole has developed in the macula, an individual may begin to notice blurry vision in the central field. As the hole increases, you may see images as wavy or feel that images are bent. During comprehensive eye exams, our eye doctors may notice a macular hole. Sometimes, small holes seal themselves. However, in other cases, a high percentage of the holes increase in size and can begin to impair vision. Over time, our ophthalmologists will monitor the macular hole to determine if surgery is necessary.

Macular Surgery Can Help

Vitrectomy is the procedure used to close holes in the macula. The vitreous fluid of the eye is removed to prevent further tearing. Then, a gas and air bubble is placed in the eye to act as a temporary bandage. During the healing period, the bubble gradually disappears on its own, and vision gradually improves. Our eye doctors will provide detailed instructions to ensure proper healing.

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